March 27 2024 Minutes Planning – draft

Planning committee minutes Uploaded on March 28, 2024

Richard Shaul

Clerk to Gurnard Parish Council

27th March 2024

Minutes – Planning Committee




The minutes of the meeting of Gurnard Parish Council Planning Committee held at 6.30pm on Wednesday 27th March 2024 at Gurnard Village Hall, Westbrook Lane, Gurnard, PO31 8JR.


Present: Councillors Fuller (Chair), Bugden, Jacobs, Nolan, Wood, Franklin and Acton.

Clerk: Richard Shaul

No members of the public were present.


The meeting commenced at 18:30


  1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllrs Williams and Cllr Bustin.

  1. Members’ declarations of interest
  2. Cllr Fuller declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 4.1. (minute 223.23-24 1.) As cabinet member for planning and licencing, things that are said in this meeting may change if further information is presented.
  3. No dispensation requests received.


  1. Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of the Planning Committee Meeting held on 28th February 2024 were taken as read, approved as a correct record and signed by the chair. No matters arising.

  1. Planning, licensing and tree preservation order applications
  2. To comment on the following planning applications:
  3. 24/00376/RVC 44 Worsley Road Gurnard Cowes Isle Of Wight PO31 8JR

Variation of condition 2 on 23/01534/RVC to allow changes to parking layouts as approved under condition 4

Resolved: Gurnard Parish Council respond that it is difficult to make a comment on the ground that there is no indication of what is actually changing on this application compared to the original application.


  1. 24/00346/DIS Sunnycott Caravan Park Rew Street Gurnard Cowes Isle Of Wight PO31 8NN

Condition compliance application on APP/P2114/W/22/3307079 (22/00726/FUL) relating to conditions 3 (ecology appraisal), 4 (parking and passing), 5 (tree protection), 6 (external surfaces), 7 (external lighting) and 8 (surface water drainage)

Resolved: Gurnard Parish Council would like assurance that the soakaways surface water management are fit for purpose.


  1. 24/00282/TW 9 Solent Lawns Shore Road Gurnard Cowes Isle Of Wight PO31 8AX

T1; Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) – Dismantle.

Resolved: That the clerk writes to the IoW council tree officer to:

  • and request confirmation that when the Ash is removed it is replaced with a native species
  • that the site is properly inspected by the tree officer
  • Request a copy of the woodland management plan for Solent Lawns




  1. The following planning decisions were noted:
  2. 24/00112/HOU 4 The Avenue Gurnard Cowes Isle Of Wight PO31 8JL

Demolition of single storey rear/side extension; Proposed single storey rea/side extension; balcony at first floor level


  1. 24/00063/HOU 66 Solent View Road Gurnard Cowes Isle Of Wight PO31 8JZ

Proposed alterations and single storey rear extension; covered seating area to rear; alterations/reconfiguration of roof; new roof lights; new roof to covered walkway to side; external cladding to existing garage






The meeting closed at 18:59