Pre-Application Planning Policy 2023

Policies Uploaded on August 7, 2023


Pre-Application Planning Policy

This Pre-Application Planning Policy is to advise councillors on how to deal with Pre-application discussions.

Whilst pre-application discussions between a potential applicant and a council can benefit both parties to help identify issues early on, it would be easy for such discussions to become, or be seen by objectors to become, part of a lobbying process on the part of the applicant.

In order to avoid perceptions that councillors might have fettered their discretion, such discussions should take place within clear, published guidelines as follows:

In the interest of transparency, if approached by a developer before an application is published, best practice is for the developer to hold an independent and advertised public presentation at a neutral venue which members can choose to attend at their own will, and this should be encouraged.

Such public planning forums can explore major pre-application proposals with the developer and representations from differing interests and consultees. As well as being transparent, these forums allow councillors and consultees to seek information and identify important issues for the proposal to address, although still bearing in mind the need to avoid pre-determination.

The same considerations should apply to any discussions which occur before a decision is taken.

Adopted by Gurnard Parish Council 13th January 2021

Reviewed by Gurnard Parish Council 12th January 2022

Reviewed by Gurnard Parish Council 11th January 2023