Petition Policy 2022

Policies Uploaded on August 7, 2023


The Petition Policy is to advise councillors how to deal with any received petitions.

1. Petitions may be received at (ordinary) meetings of the Council provided that the petition is received by the clerk no later than mid-day three working days before the day of the meeting and is signed by at least 10 electors within the parish.

2. Petitions may only be about a matter for which the Council has a responsibility or which affects the parish.

3 Petitions will not be received by the Council which are in furtherance of a person’s individual circumstances or which are about a matter where there is a right of appeal to the courts, a tribunal or government minister.

4 A petition will not be received by the Council where the issue it concerns has been the subject of a petition in the last six months or a decision of the Council in the last six months.

5 One signatory to the petition may speak on the petition for no more than 5 minutes.

6 No discussion shall take place on the petition. A member may move that the petition be referred to the next meeting or to a committee or to another body. Once seconded, the motion will be voted on without discussion.

7 No more than 5 petitions will be received at a meeting.

Approved 12 November 2015, Reviewed 10 November 2016, Reviewed 13 December 2017, Reviewed 12 December 2018, Reviewed 11 December 2019, Reviewed 11 November 2020, Reviewed 10 November 2021, Reviewed 9 November 2022