Southern Water free water butt privacy policy

Southern Water free water butt privacy policy

By completing the Google form on this website to request a Water Butt  you are consenting that the personal information you provide will be shared with the following 3rd parties, this is to enable the information you provide to be automatically converted into an email which will then be sent to Southern Water Services Limited on your behalf, Gurnard parish council will delete all information submitted in this form once the “slow release Water butt scheme” has Closed or by 31-Dec-2023 whichever is the earlier.

Once the automated mail is sent to Southern Water via Google LLC and Zapier ( to which you will receive a copy) your data will no longer be governed by the Gurnard Parish council privacy policy’s but rather by the 3rd parties privacy policies and terms and conditions as referenced below.

If you wish your data supplied by this form to Gurnard Parish council to be deleted please contact

In addition to the Gurnard Parish council policies the following Relevant  3rd party terms and conditions and privacy policies will also apply.


Google LLC

Southern Water Services Limited