Old School Meadow Working Group terms of reference

Other beach working group documents Uploaded on September 29, 2023

GPC Old School Meadow (OSM)Working Party terms of reference

Purpose: To work towards developing a coherent, long term management plan using the Green Flag Awarding Criteria as a basic foundation for WP planning.      green-flag-award-guidelines.pdf (

Membership:  4+ Parish Councillors (to include chair or vice chair)

Quoracy: 3

Chair:  Must be one of the Parish Councillors – WP chair may circulate between councillors. First agenda item will always be to appoint a chair for the meeting.

Meeting Chair will be responsible for producing agenda for next meeting and ensuring this agenda is with the clerk for records.  Agenda to be circulated to WP members by the chair responsible for the agenda at least four days prior to meeting.

Consultees: IOW council Environment Officer will attend if required and receive notes.

Community/Parishioner Involvement: Members of the community may be invited to attend meetings on an ad hoc basis if they have particular skills or experience to offer or are to assist with a Community Event.

Standards: All WP members (including occasional members) will respect the Code of Conduct as adopted by Gurnard Parish Council.

Notes to be made by an attendee (can be clerk if available).  Notes are to be sent to meeting chair as soon after meeting as possible for dissemination to clerk and WP members as a DRAFT and posted on GPC website once any proposals are ratified by the next full GPC meeting.

Venue:  Weather permitting on site at OSM, alternatively GVH or Church Garden Room if available or at The Portland Inn (with permission from landlady).