May 08 2024 minutes Full – draft

Full council meetings Minutes Uploaded on May 16, 2024

Gurnard Parish Council

39 Victoria Road


PO31 7JH



The minutes of the meeting of Gurnard Parish Council held at 19.20 on Wednesday 8th May 2024 at Gurnard Village Hall, Westbrook Lane, Gurnard, PO31 8JR.


Present: Councillors Acton (Chair), Fuller,  Nolan and Woods.

Clerk: Richard Shaul


3 members of the public were present.


The meeting started at 19:20


  1. Apologies

Apologies: Cllrs Bugden, Bustin, Franklin Jacobs and Williams


  1. Members’ declarations of interest
  2. Cllr Fuller declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 17.24-25. As cabinet member for planning, things that are said in this meeting may change if further information is presented. received.
  3. No dispensation requests were received.


  1. Minutes

The minutes of the Full Council meeting of 10th April 2024 were taken as read, approved as a correct record and signed by the chair. No matters arising.


  1. Change of order of agenda items.

The chair proposed that agenda item 4.III. regarding planning enforcement at Sunnycotts Farm be dealt with before item 4.I. In order that the members of public present were not detained longer than necessary.

Resolved: Approved


  1. Planning, licensing and tree preservation order applications
  2. The following planning enforcement issues were considered:

Sunnycott Caravan Park. Appeal ref: APP/P2114/W/22/3307079.

The residents present spoke of their concerns regarding:

  • Rubbish on the site
  • Commercial undertakings being run from the site creating increased traffic
  • Whether building control regulations were being complied with.

Resolved: That the Parish Council should write to the Head of IoW planning raising the following concerns:

  • The Condition Compliance Application 24/00346/DS has not been submitted to the County Press nor has notice displayed outside Sunnycott. Why is this the case?
  • A proper drainage scheme has to be drawn up by a qualified drainage engineer.
  • A storm water pipe must be connected to the storm water drainage system in Rew Street as stated in Island Roads Consultee Comment.
  • A detailed drawing should be prepared showing north and east elevations of the 5 proposed caravans with dimensions.
  • Safeguarding issues are of concern regarding fitness of accommodation during the winter.
  • Concerns regarding waste disposal not being fit for purpose.
  • Concerns regarding commercial uses operating from individual units on the site, including a vehicle recovery business.


  1. The following planning applications were considered:
  2. 24/00566/DIS 11/04/2024 Land Adjacent To The Stables Woodvale Road Gurnard Isle Of Wight

Condition compliance application on 21/01555/FUL relating to conditions 4 (Drainage), 6 (Arboreal), 7 (Landscaping), 8 (Highways)

Resolved: that the Parish Council do not object to this application, but would like the following points noted:

  • With regard to condition 8 (Highways) that all residents impacted continue to have right of access to their properties.
  • With regard to condition 6 (Arboreal) that the Parish council are included in all arboreal briefings.


  1. 24/00007/TPO 24/04/2024 The Woodvale Hotel 1 Princes Esplanade Gurnard Cowes Isle Of Wight PO31 8LE

Resolved: The Parish Council support this application


  1. 24/00007/TPO 24/04/2024 Land West Of Gurnard Heights And East Of Princes Esplanade Gurnard Cowes Isle Of Wight

Resolved: The Parish Council support this application


  1. The following planning decisions were noted:
  2. 23/002162/Ful 05/12/2023 6 Shore Path Gurnard Cowes Isle Of Wight PO31 8LL

Demolition of the attached rearward chalet and outbuildings; Proposed detached chalet bungalow (revised scheme)

Refused 25/04/2024


  1. Reports
    1. IW Councillor and Parish Council Chairman


  1. Clerk’s Report


  1. GVHA


  1. Councillors reports
  1. Village event


  1. Old School Meadow



  1. Finance
  2. Cheque and electronic payments April:
    1. 5 payments totalling £486.99 were paid in April but not yet approved at a council meeting.

Resolved: Approved

  1. 3 payments totalling £141.00 were due but no approved at a council meeting

Resolved: Approved

  • To note 1 receipts of £20.93


  1. No bank transfers were made in the period
  1. Bank statements and reconciliation were circulated prior to the meeting.


  1. Internal audit report for 2023/2024 was circulated prior to the meeting


  1. The year-end accounts for 2023/2024 were circulated prior to the meeting

Resolved: approved and signed by the Chair

  1. AGAR accounting statement and annual governance statement were circulated prior to the meeting

Resolved: approved and annual governance statement signed by the Chair

  1. Requirement to confirm no conflict of interest between Parish Council and external auditors BDO.

Resolved: no conflict of interest confirmed



  1. Old School Meadow – raised beds

The three raised beds, not yet planted up, are be offered to families with young children from Gurnard Pines. The process will be managed by a representative of G.I.V.E. on a voluntary basis and will be reviewed in June 2025. G.I.V.E. must have a written risk assessment, the families will need to manage their own water supply in times of drought and need to understand there can be no guarantee that other people will not help themselves to veg.

Resolved: GPC will support the process by provision of a large bag of compost/manure mix from IW Compost at a cost of £60.


  1. Grant applications

Grant applications have been received in from Isle of Wight pantries and a request for a contribution towards a defibrillator at Meadow at Meadow View estate. Copies of the application forms will be circulated prior to the meeting


  1. Isle of Wight pantries. A decision on this application will be deferred until after the Isle of Wight Food Strategy Safety meeting on May 23rd. It will be on the agenda of the full meeting of June 12th. The clerk will inform the applicant.
  2. Meadow View defibrillator. The clerk to contact the applicant to say that although we support the application in principal, the council would like more information. Is there any mains power required for the defibrillator, and if so, how will this be provided? Is there solar backup. How is the proposed location going to be developed. Is this a short term fix that will need to be changed in the future.


  1. Gurnard Green Play area

The GPC have received an email from Sovereign Play, to say that they have representatives visiting IOW on 20th May offering no obligation playground quotes. This could be a good opportunity to get some ideas as to what could be achieved for the Play Area.

Proposal: GPC arrange a meeting with Sovereign on 20th May. All councillors will be invited to attend. The clerk will also write to Brightstone Parish Council to ask who supplied their swing and roundabout.



The meeting closed at 20:35