June 28th 2023 Minutes Facilities

Facilities committee minutes Uploaded on July 5, 2023

The minutes of the meeting of Facilities Committee held immediately after the Planning Committee meeting at 6.30pm on Wednesday 28th June 2023 at Gurnard Village Hall.


PRESENT Councillors: Fuller (Chair), Nolan, Franklin Wood and Williams.

Clerk: Richard Shaul

No members of the public were present


Cllr Jacobs left, as he is not currently a member of the Facilities committee



Apologies were received from Cllrs. Acton and Bugden


None declared


The minutes of the meeting of the Facilities Committee held on 22nd June 2022 were taken as read, approved as a correct record and signed by the chair. No matters arising.


Resolved: that a proposal is put to the next full committee meeting that the terms of reference for the Facilities committee are amended so that membership is change from 5 parish councillors to all Parish Councillors.

  1. Initial repairs to the top corner fence.

Cllrs Fuller reported that at the 21st June meeting Roy Churchill proposed that the gap in the fence should be filled with a gate.

Resolved: That at the meeting on 30th June the Facilities Committee would request that Roy Churchill mend the fence rather than fit a gate.

  1. To undertake an Environmental Enhancement Area Assessment to include the restoration of the pond and bog garden.

The Facilities Committee will ask Cllr Acton for a written update.

  1. To apply to the Woodland Trust for hedging whips.

The Facilities Committee will ask Cllr Acton for a written update.

  1. To apply to the Green Gym to consolidate the three raised beds to make a single raised bed in the ‘dog free area’ of the Meadow.

Clerk reported that an email request had been sent to Green Gym.

The Facilities Committee raised questions as to what the raised bed would be used for. Clerk to ask Cllr Acton for her long term view for this area.

  1. To request signage depicting ‘Restricted Access: Composting Area’ is authorised.

Clerk reported that the sign had been purchased but that it would require a stake for mounting.

Facilities committee requested that a quote for fitting a stake be included in item 38.23-24 g

  1. Grass cutting

Clerk reported that Clive Abbott had been notified that the Parish Council had accepted his quote, and that arrangements were being made for the first cut

  1. To replace a section of the fence to the southern edge of the dog free zone with a gate

Clerk reported that emails had been sent to two possible contractors (in addition to Green Jiant).

One contractor had requested a site visit

  1. TOILETS – removal of rubbish bags

Clerk reported that the current situation was that the cleaners would wait until 5 rubbish bags had been accumulated and then request contractor to collect them. There could be a delay for the contractor to respond. Additional collections would cost £20.

Clerk to have further conversations with Cleaning Contractors.

Clerk also noted that cleaning contract would need to be renewed in October, so the Cleaning RFQ process should be on the full committee agenda in July


No update available


Clerk to circulate current Fixed Asset Register.

Arrange a date to review actual fixed assets



The meeting closed at 19:46